Friday, September 14, 2012

Finding the way forward

So, I am currently taking a class "Advanced Digital Illustration" with Kali Ciesmier, with bunch of my friend on Friday! I was so excited to take the class with my friends, and still I am. anyway, the first assignment she gave us was to illustrate an editorial illustration, but not relate to the topic itself, it was to illustrate a phrase that described an article. So each student got their own phrase, but of course we didn't know the articles related to the phrases. Mine was "Finding the way forward", which sounded really bad to illustrate (this could be really typical with a person standing on two way road or whatever...) Next week I brought 5 sketches with all different ideas, and the ideas were astronauts riding a spaceship, card games, boyscout on a turtle finding a way, etc. And during the critique, people picked

this one, which was a maze with bunch of people. This was like my least favorite idea, but I guess people liked this. So I pushed the idea little more, and I decided to put just one person to emphasize the word "finding" and put something on the middle to emphasize "forward". And to make it more dramatic, I wanted to put lots of wild scary animals, so I asked my friends for names of them via facebook, And I got....

good answer

Fuck you

you are too late

..... Im not gonna draw a noodly weird looking worm!

you go eat em!

..... I just ignored their answers and I chose tigers!

So i drew a cherry blossom tree on the middle, and put tigers around the guy looking at a map

And while I was working, I found out some cool stuff called "dual brush"
And because it was my first time using dual brush, I think I was so overwhelmed, and overusing it.

this was the final for the assignment!..... actually, the maze was all brown (almost like how it is on the snapshot on the top), and when I brought it to the class people didn't like it, and when I changed the color to green during the critique, people liked it so much better, so this is my final now.

but I don't like it still... I guess my expectation was too high for it.

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