Wednesday, September 26, 2012

King of Wands (Tarot Card)

So this was also an assignment for Kali Ciesmier's advanced digital illustration, to illustrate a tarot card. We had to pay particular attention to use of color and character design to emphasize the meaning of the card!
So when i drew a card from the card deck she brought, I picked "King of Wands". So I started to search the meaning of it, which was...

Naturalborn leader

and "The Wands" symbolizes the element of fire. The original image of the card was a king sitting on a throne with cape decorated with lion and salamander, and blossoming wand. His robe was orange, his crown was shaped like tongues of fire.
I decided to illustrate Greece statue looking king to emphasize his charisma with metaphors of fire and his leadership. So I came up with some ideas.

I did my thumbnail really roughly,

and this was final sketch I did for the first week of the class. I really liked the second one, with an idea to illustrate little abstractly, like Gustav Klimpt, and it was to put more interaction between the lion and the king from the class critique. So......

I chose to put another lion and the king leaning on the lion.

I started to color it with warm colors and little bit of green for spot color

And this was the FINAL!!!!!
the critique for this is on this friday.
 I finished it on sunday, because I liked the drawing so much, I just wanted to finish it.