Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poster for Mission In Christian Artist

 I am in club called Mission in Christian Artist (MICA) and my friends asked me to make a poster for this year. there was no theme or anything, so I just wanted to play with crazy hair and floating word!
so I did this drawing with Brush and ink, scanned.

I didn't plan to put the people behind, but it looked too empty without them, so I just did

and here is my words coming out from the Bible. I didn't reference any type, just did it. And I scanned several textures that I made with brush and water color and started to color it

I colored it with photoshop, and put texture. 

and I put the floating words, made it little transparency. At this point, my layer window looked CRAZY!!!!

and this is with the information. But I kinda like the one with no information..... :-P

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