Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Senior Thesis Netherlands!!!

So this is my second piece for senior thesis which illustrates representational soccer players of different countries. For first piece, I did Spain and Iniesta, and for second one, it is Netherlands and Robin Van Persie. (I love Netherlands so much because of their color of the uniform, which is bright ORANGE!) There was some problem with him, which was it was hella hard to get his likeness, good looking facial feature of pretty static Caucasian (I am not a racist, I am just telling the truth) like Justin Timberlake. (one of my professors said that it was difficult to illustrate Justin Timberlake with the same reason) 

Anyway, this is my sketch, Van Persie Biking in tulips.
I didn't know that so many people in Netherlands biking

and this my final drawing. Trust me, it is Van Persie, even it doesn't look like him at all

Colored line work. I changed his facial feature with digital brush.

with Color,

final with textures

texture always gives more interesting look, and make it more non-digital looking.
I save all my textures I have scanned, it is like a treasure for me.

Third piece is Germany! (I did it long time ago, but too lazy to put it on the blog :-P)

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