Monday, October 1, 2012

Senior Thesis SPAIN!!!!!!

So, basically, my senior thesis is about to illustrate the most famous representational soccer players of different countries with the metaphors of their countries for Brazil World cup in 2012, so I can make strong portfolio after graduate as an editorial portrait illustrator. And of course, the first country was SPAIN!!!!! which just made a big step on the history of soccer! TREBLE! and it was no doubtful that Andres Iniesta was in the middle of that. What metaphor I could put to show their dynamic play with great skills and teamwork? I was mapping what I can do with Spain, and I got Flamenco, Guitar, Bull fight, King, etc. And I decided to illustrate bulls running to illustrate dynamic their team work.

This was one of the thumbnail I did, and I got approved by my teacher, Rebecca Bradley. 

This was quick color study. lots of yellow and red to represent Spain

And this is my final line drawing! I was pretty satisfied with how it came out. By the way, this is senior studio at MICA. For coloring I wanted to experiment with custom brushes in photoshop, and it let me spend about 5 more hour than I usually spend for coloring :-D...........whateva,

And This was my final!!

I hope Iniesta can see this, it would be really great!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

por favor ver esto y me respondió de nuevo

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