Sunday, November 4, 2012

Senior Thesis England!

I was thinking to upload Korea one, but I want to show England before Korea. My thesis instructor is from England, Rebecca Bradley. So I asked what is popular in England, and she gave me.....

A Bull in China shop
Music (like Beetles)
Rose Garden
First Steam Train
Origin of Soccer
Fox Hunting
Double Decker Bus
Business man

She gave me too many.
And the player..... I chose

Wayne Rooney (from Man Utd. website)

He is playing for Manchester United with Robin Van Persie. His play is really dynamic, like a bull. So, I thought it would be funny putting him in rose garden and having a tea time. (like a bull in china shop)

This is the sketch. It is hardly recognizable, but he is holding a tea cup in rose garden.

and this is the final drawing I did. I spent more than 7 hours for the detail of roses, and now I kinda get how to draw roses............ I always learn from something

Line Work

with color

and final, with textures
Next one will be Korea, which I already did a while ago.

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