Monday, November 19, 2012

Senior Thesis Korea!

So, next country for my next senior thesis is Korea!!! Yay!, it is not because I am Korean, but I think korea had pretty significant cultures, and they did really good in last three World cups. And they even have good players who are currently playing in EPL! Ji sung Park becomes a trademark of Asian player, a K-League team, Ulsan Hyundai won the last AFC champions league.

Anyway, from the line up of the Korean international team, I chose

Sung yong Ki (The guy on right side)
(from his facebook)

He moved from Celtic to Swansea City in 2012, plays as a Defensive midfielder, got few MVPs from several games in his first season in EPL.

I tried to find my thumbnails and sketch, but I couldn't. I think I thew them away when I was cleaning up my studio space. But this doesn't mean that my studio is clean now.  it is..........



The idea was to illustrate him with something representing long history of korea and art. And when I looked up many korean paintings, or sumi-drawings, I saw many fun looking tigers and sparrows. So I decided to illustrate them. (Of course there are more researches and thought behind this, but if you want to know more, please come to MICA and my studio. :P)

This is the final drawing, 

and final.

I would give some retouch later for my show

Next one is....... 

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