Saturday, December 1, 2012

Senior Thesis Brazil!

The first semester of my senior year is almost gone! only 2 weeks left, tons of works to do.......... And this one is my 6th one, Brazil!

I first thought to do Brazil for the last (because the idea of my senior thesis is aiming for 2014 World Cup in Brazil), but I couldn't wait for it with great culture and great player who has fantastic hair style. The player is Neymar!!!!

(from his facebook fan page)

I was between Givanildo Viera de Souza, aka Hulk, and Neymar, but I chose Neymar, because he has great significant hair style. Also I like his play better, and his attitude on the soccer league of his country. (He is staying in his team in Brazil, Santos, till 2014) 


This is the sketch for Neymar. I just wanted to illustrate him in Amazon rain forest with cool looking species. 

this is my final drawing,

And the final!

YAY!!!! I love how it turned out with colors. What do you think?

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