Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skipping Christmas

Hi there, I am an illustrator interested in Soccer, but also I draw other things
This was my final assignment for Advanced Digital Illustration with Kali Ciesemier, to illustrate a book
I was kinda panic, because I recently read no book! D: So I started to grab a book from a pile of books that friend gave me while ago, and it was "Skipping Christmas"

(From Wikipedia)

This is the book cover. (SOOOO GOOOOD) This is about a mid 40 year-old couple trying to skip christmas but people around including their neighbors, firefighters, polices, etc stopping the couple and cranking them. I didn't know this was made in movie, "Christmas with the Kranks" until my friend told me.

(From wikipedia also)

This is the movie poster...... this is a disaster! The type looks horrible, two heads are on same level, her shoulder is right on the edge...... Anybody in MICA can even do better than this!

I am not in my studio so I don't have my sketches, but I have a cat

or the cat has me

Anyway, my idea was to illustrate end pages and book cover. For end pages, I wanted to make some kind of repetition of houses with christmas decorations with no snow for the front with snow for the end. 

This is one with no snow

And this is with snow

This relates to the story, but I don't want to spoil it, so watch the movie, or read the book. And for book cover, I wanted to illustrate a guy running (or just jogging) with hawaiian shirts and suitcase in winter. 

This is for book cover. When I brought this to class with type, they said few things to change mostly with types, but not about the illustration itself, except his leg is little short. So I revised it

Very slight changes. Catch them if you can!

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