Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cover Illustration for Peabody Magazine, Spring

I had my first editorial commission from Peabody Institute to illustrate a cover for their alumni magazine. The title of the cover article was "Great Journey for Excellence" and it was about how Korean students were doing in the school and competitions with cultural difficulties and language issues. They had pretty cool idea on it. They wanted to make a cover that could be spread in bigger illustration, so people can see a half of illustration on the cover and when they open the cover, they can see the full illustration.  I had about a week to give them sketches, and 2 weeks for final. It was when I was struggled with my senior thesis, (I think it was after I finished korean piece.), so I thought it is a good opportunity to refresh my mind from thesis.  So I sent out some sketches 3-4 days after the meeting

The art directer said composition is good, but it had too much narratives. They said to take out the runners and the floating keyboards, so I sent revised sketches with color.

I kinda liked the floating keyboards, so I just sent a sketch with them, but of course it was denied, and they chose the second one without keyboard.

While I was working on it, I thought her pose was too bended down, so it looked like she was not confident. So I changed her pose.

This looked weired with her left arm.

This was my final I sent out to the directer, Richard. They later wanted to move one of the floating korean alphabet up or delete it.

And they chose the second one again.
This was done on November, and I finally could see the illustration in copies.

I love when it comes out in copies!

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