Thursday, February 28, 2013

Da Vinci Code

I like Sam Bosma's class so much! This third assignment (idiom one was second, there was another one before, but because it was only for one week, it ended up bad) was to illustrate a character from a book. Classmates chose Romeo and Juliet, Mulan, the girl with the dragon tattoo, and many other interesting characters. Because I don't really read books, it was hard for me to think about any interesting character from books I read. I was thinking to do Jack from "Lord of the Flies", but Sam showed an example by Sam Weber with same character, I thought I would be overwhelmed.

This was the example by Sam Weber.

So I chose Silas from Da Vinci Code. Silas is an albino monk killer. He kills people who tries seeking the secret dangerous truth which can stagger people's faith. The novel starts with Silas killing a curator at Louvre Museum and I wanted to illustrate that part. So I did some sketches with him standing in front of Da Vinci's paintings, but in the first week crits, they said it is to cheesy. (I can't find the sketches) Some said it would be pretty cool to show his back with scars he made himself. So I redid sketches sent them to Sam.

And then Sam answered and said that showing his back would not work as we had thought in the class, and instead of putting him in cathedral, put him in the museum with sculptures, so his pale skin tone could contrast with them. So I started from there.

So I did my final drawing. I loved how it came out

This is value study with flat black and white 

This is color with shadow

This is with light reflections. I had difficult time with color of second light source, but to make a mood like a killer, I chose orangish red.

And this is the final piece. 
A day after I finished it, I wanted to put title and author's name.

This is the final with type.
There was a huge debate on the novel and it became bigger when it came out on screen. But I think fiction is just a fiction. it is just a well made fiction with a sensitive source. I think people should not overreact on the novel with delusion of grandeur. 
Thank you for reading this!

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