Sunday, February 17, 2013

Holding a Horse

 For this semester, I am taking Digital Illustration with Sam Bosma...... Can you believe it? I already took ADVANCED digital illustration with Kali Cisemier and now i am taking REGULAR digital illustration....... Why?....... Just because! I wanted to take Sam's class before I graduate and this class was my only choice to do. Anyway, one of the assignment in the class was to illustrate idiom literally. (Not the meaning of idiom) For example, if I chose to illustrate "green thumb", then I had to illustrate a thumb with green color. So on the list of idioms he gave in the class, I chose to do "holding a horse" or "find my inner child" I came up with several thumbnails and sketches

Left one is my thumbnails and right is my developed sketches from thumbnails. In first week, I had sketch critique with classmates, and they all said go with the bottom right one. (Sam said left top one could be cool too.) So after that, I immediately started working on final drawing.

This is my final drawing. (my friend gave me a mustache shape chocolate!)

And Final. I added some pencil texture on the horse.

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