Friday, April 5, 2013

Liverpool, "You'll Never Walk Alone"

While I am Still working on Manchester United, I want to post third illustration for senior thesis. And it is Liverpool FC.

(Crest of Liverpool, from wiki)

Liverpool is one of the popular football club in the world with great wins in history. The club has won 18 league titles, 7 FA cups, 8 league cups, 5 european cups, 3 UEFA cups, and 3 UEFA super cups. It was founded in 1892 (pretty old), great supporters, but sometimes they are TOO DRAMATIC, involving two major tragedies and these are symbolized as flames in the crest. First happened in Heysel Stadium in Belgium. Before 1985 European Final against Juventus of Italy, there was a big crush of wall on the Juventus's side. It was because Liverpool supporters tried to breach the fence between two supporters on neutral area, and Juventus supporters ran back the terraces to get away from the threat. There were supporters seated near the wall already, and it started to collapse. 39 Juventus supporters died, and 600s were injured. This disaster resulted in Liverpool being banned from European cup for 6 years. (for more information, click here) Another tragedy happened in Hillsborough. It happened during 1989 FA cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest of England. Hundreds of Liverpool supporters were  crushed on perimeter fencing, resulting 94 died, 766 injured. (for more info, click here)Liverpool has most famous anthem called "You'll Never Walk Alone" which originally from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousei. (it was rerecorded by Garry & Pace maker) the bird on the crest is called Liver Bird, which represent the city. Its original specie is unclear but I found that it is possible to be a cormorant, which lives in Liverpool coastal area. So I did some sketches,

I was thinking to illustrate their anthem with some metaphors. And I chose to do first one walking with bunch of birds

line work

with color

and final with texture

close up, detail shots

I really like how it came out! 

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