Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Newcastle United FC, "Toon Army"

Hello! senior show is coming up and graduation is coming up which means I will be a real man! WOO HOO!!!!! Before that, the pressure of senior thesis is depressing me down. D: But anyway, I finished my next thesis work, for Newcastle United FC!

Newcastle United FC
(from wiki)

Newcastle United FC was founded in 1892 in Newcastle. (of course!) since then, they won four championship titles, 6 FA cups, an Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and an UEFA Intertoto Cup. Their supporters are called "Magpies", "Toon Army"or "Geordies" Their supporters are famous for the their high attendance. (they are ranked in third)
What I love about them is their traditional black and white stripe uniform since 1894. So I started to do some sketches from there, to emphasize the stripe in the illustration.

I did lots of sketches!

I liked the last one with the armies, but it was pretty similar composition as other illustrations I did. So I re-sketched from the first sketch.

I just made a general shape of seahorse. And when I started lining, I felt too empty on the bottom, so I added waves, and to add the idea of the army, I put a leg of an army riding seahorse. 

And this is the final. I was having a difficulty positioning magpies. 

and detail shots. WOO HOO!!!

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