Saturday, May 4, 2013

Arsenal, "Gunners"

My thesis show is coming soon. It will starts on May 16th at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Anyway, I finished the last piece for the show and it is Arsenal.

Arsenal Crest

Arsenal was first founded in 1886 in Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory. (This is why people call Arsenal Gunners or Gooners.) I really have nothing to say about the club. Arsenal has been good since its start. Especially, in 2003-04 English Premier League, Arsenal won without any losing a single match and this gave a nickname "Invincibles." I started some sketches from its nickname, Gunners.

I liked the second one, but it had similar compositions as other illustrations. My professor, Dan Krall said he liked how gunners are in pattern, so I did another sketch from it.

So this was my final sketch. I started draw on paper, I felt like I should expand little more.

This was my final drawing.

And Final.

I will post first thesis illustration for Manchester United as soon as I finish the show :D

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