Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fight Club Poster

This was an assignment for Sam Bosma's Digital Illustration class. It was to illustrate a movie poster using limited colors with certain color layers like illustrations for  Nobrow Magazine. ( It only uses illustrations with limited colors, red blue, yellow and black.

Cover illustration for Nobrow7 (from its website)

it looks like it uses more than 4 colors, but it is because some colors are overlapped with different saturations. For example, you can make green if you overlap yellow and blue. 

I chose Fight Club. I don't really want to describe the movie, but it is about terrorism, identity, capitalism, and finding ego. You need to watch the movie to understand what I am saying. So, I did several sketches.

So I did, and I liked 4th and 5th. I liked 5th one more, but because I had too much portrait works in my portfolio (I still have many portraits), so I decided to do 4th one. 

Here are my 4 layers of yellow, blue, red, and black

And when I put all the layers in multiply option,

it becomes like this. If you are really bored, you can try to save the 4 images, and multiply them. It will be exactly same and the last image. 

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