Monday, August 12, 2013

Radamel Falcao for Pickles Magazine, issue 6

So, right after I graduated from MICA, I got an email from Pickles Magazine in London to do an illustration for an article in their Issue 6. The article was about how AS Monaco is taking the French League with power of money from Russia. Recently, AS Monaco scouted many great players like Radamel Falcao, Eric Abidal, and James Rodriguez. They only gave me general concept, which was to illustrate Falcao and money power. So I started my sketch from there.

(Crown and red and white stripe are representing AS Monaco.)
I wanted to illustrate first sketch, because I thought it has pretty interesting objects to draw. But in concept second sketch was stronger, so I decided to do the second one. And instead of making money bills in same color, I changed to draw Euros with different colors and Rubles (Russian Currency).

This is the final piece.

Few weeks after, they asked me to use this illustration for their cover. I said yes, and it looks like....


Thank Ned for great opportunity!

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