Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Illustration for Pickles Magazine

Hello all! It is been a long time!!!

On February, I got an email from Ned, Director of Pickles Magazine in London to do an illustration for next issue. They sent me an article and at that time, the title was not decided. But it was about how soccer players are doing their job with no passion and just working as a job. (Like a boring office job that you don't care of.) After I finished reading the article, I was so excited to illustrate.  He threw me some ideas and I started sketching from them. 

These are the two sketches I sent to Ned. I quiet liked the first sketch, because it has a lot of things going on and more people. But relating to context of the article, second one would fit more than first sketch, so we both agree on second sketch. 

This was the final drawing. I liked the patterns. :D


And today, I just got the copy of the magazine, and found out that the title was "For the Love of the Game" I think it perfectly fits with the article. GREAT TITLE!

Thank you Ned for great art direction!


  1. This is one of my favourite Pickles illustrations to date. The men in suits playing football outside is just lovely.

  2. HAHA! thank you so much! The color on hard copy looks little yellowish, but I think it turned out great!