Thursday, April 3, 2014

Illustration for MLS

Hello! It was pretty busy for last few weeks. I want to share one of project I finished! So in mid of March, Daniel Nyari, who is a great illustrator and a brilliant art director for Futbol Artists Network(FAN) sent me an email to do an illustration for MLS Insider which would be aired in April. The topic was about Jason Kreis, NYCFC's coach moving to Manchester with Manchester City FC's support to study the culture and gain as much knowledge as possible for NYCFC in next season. Daniel wanted me to do like what I did for several football players. (symbols and surrealistically) So I started sketching and I got...

This is what I sent to Daniel. The sailor ships represent his journey to the city and also Manchester City FC has a ship on their crest, so I thought it would be double metaphors. And the Aquila on the sky symbolize Manchester City. Daniel immediately replied me back with very positive feedback, but the color to be NYCFC's team color.

So I changed the color and started working on final.

After I finished it, I sent it to Daniel, and there was few things to revise. (change the eagle to NYCFC's logo, and put a silhouette of Manchester City's Crest.) I can't show the final version before the revision, but I will when I have a chance to.

So this is the final with revision. It has been aired through Kick TV and you can check this.....


Thank you Daniel for great art direction!! Such a wonderful direction!

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