Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Illustration for Pickles Magazine

Hello, it has been a long time. I was being a bit lazy and working on some other stuffs, but I am going to start upload more stuffs soon. First, I want to show you an illustration for Pickles Magazine. I was reached from Art Director of Pickles Magazine, Ned. He asked me to illustrate a relationship between national soccer teams and clubs. Many players are showing lack of interest on their national teams due to injuries. Since the article was originated about England, he wanted me to illustrate English soccer players. So I started from there.

Here are some sketches I did from the idea. I wanted to make a contrast between his nationality and club. I was thinking to draw Sterling, but I changed to Daniel Sturridge. 

This is Daniel Sturrdge. He is an English player in Liverpool FC. He was pulled out from England national team due to injury. (I forgot when it was....) Ned liked the second sketch, which is simpler, and has more impact and direct transition of the article. 

When I was working on final drawing, I accidentally dropped my ink jar, I almost got heart attack. But God saved me.

Here is a snapshot of final drawing.

And here is the final. I think it has been already published, but I haven't got the actual hard copy yet. I will post how it is when I receive it. 

Thank you so much!

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