Thursday, July 9, 2015

Illustration for Honolulu Magazine

Hello! I just want to post something that I did for Honolulu Magazine. Art Director of Honolulu Magazine, M Ariola, emailed me and asked me to do an illustration for an article about shady side of Hawaii. The article was saying that How Don Ho, Hawaiian Singer, died and truth of Hawaiian Yakuza. The art director wanted to see Don Ho and Yakuza's Tattoo in illustration. After I did some research about the tattoo, I was so excited. 

I really really loved them. (Even though it would look pretty scary if I look at them in real life...) So I started doing some sketches.

These are sketches I first gave her. First one and Second one look similar, but in the second one, Yakuza's body is shown more so I could concentrate more on his tattoo. Anyway, the art director liked to go with first one, but she wanted to see Waikiki beach, instead of the trees. So I changed the background.

She said that it is good to go, but she wanted to see the diamond head. So I said I will move up the background so the head will be shown.

This is diamond head.

Anyway, I started on final.

I redrew everything before I started final line drawing.

And this is a quick snapshot after I finished the drawing.

And Here is the final illustration! I really liked how it came out.

Thank you so much Ariola for great art direction and I will post more stuffs later!

Here is a gif file of my progress. :D

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