Thursday, July 9, 2015

Illustration for Honolulu Magazine

Hello! I just want to post something that I did for Honolulu Magazine. Art Director of Honolulu Magazine, M Ariola, emailed me and asked me to do an illustration for an article about shady side of Hawaii. The article was saying that How Don Ho, Hawaiian Singer, died and truth of Hawaiian Yakuza. The art director wanted to see Don Ho and Yakuza's Tattoo in illustration. After I did some research about the tattoo, I was so excited. 

I really really loved them. (Even though it would look pretty scary if I look at them in real life...) So I started doing some sketches.

These are sketches I first gave her. First one and Second one look similar, but in the second one, Yakuza's body is shown more so I could concentrate more on his tattoo. Anyway, the art director liked to go with first one, but she wanted to see Waikiki beach, instead of the trees. So I changed the background.

She said that it is good to go, but she wanted to see the diamond head. So I said I will move up the background so the head will be shown.

This is diamond head.

Anyway, I started on final.

I redrew everything before I started final line drawing.

And this is a quick snapshot after I finished the drawing.

And Here is the final illustration! I really liked how it came out.

Thank you so much Ariola for great art direction and I will post more stuffs later!

Here is a gif file of my progress. :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Illustration for Pickles Magazine

Hello, it has been a long time. I was being a bit lazy and working on some other stuffs, but I am going to start upload more stuffs soon. First, I want to show you an illustration for Pickles Magazine. I was reached from Art Director of Pickles Magazine, Ned. He asked me to illustrate a relationship between national soccer teams and clubs. Many players are showing lack of interest on their national teams due to injuries. Since the article was originated about England, he wanted me to illustrate English soccer players. So I started from there.

Here are some sketches I did from the idea. I wanted to make a contrast between his nationality and club. I was thinking to draw Sterling, but I changed to Daniel Sturridge. 

This is Daniel Sturrdge. He is an English player in Liverpool FC. He was pulled out from England national team due to injury. (I forgot when it was....) Ned liked the second sketch, which is simpler, and has more impact and direct transition of the article. 

When I was working on final drawing, I accidentally dropped my ink jar, I almost got heart attack. But God saved me.

Here is a snapshot of final drawing.

And here is the final. I think it has been already published, but I haven't got the actual hard copy yet. I will post how it is when I receive it. 

Thank you so much!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Playoff Poster for LA Galaxy

Hello! It's been a long time! I want to share an illustration I just finished few days ago for LA Galaxy. Chris Thomas, digital media manager of LA Galaxy, asked me to do an illustration for their Playoff Poster. I absolutely said YES! Their concept for this year was astronauts. So I started sketching.

So this was the sketch I sent to him. Landon Donovan waving his hand to viewers. He asked to revise few things. 

1. change Landon Donovan's change his motion more serious.

2. put quasar from LA Galaxy logo

3. make the other astronaut Omar Gonzalez and Robbie Keane.

I could do first two pretty easily, but the last request was a bit hard because I couldn't put their faces. So I just decided to put their numbers on the suits. 

This is revised sketch and I worked on final drawing after Chris approved it.

This was pencil drawing I was working on,

And this was after I finished drawing.

And this is the final poster with type.

Thank you Brad and Chris for this project!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

illustration for Howler Magazine

Hello! been a long time to post something. I have been busy following up World Cup. Anyway, I thought I wrote a post about this but I guess I did not. I was reached by an art director to illustrate an excerpt from Zlatan Ibrahimovic's autobiograph "I am Zlatan" Long story short, I did few sketches for it, and here are the sketches.

They liked to go with the second concept which was about his childhood as a bicycle thief. But they wanted Zlatan to be more interactive with the gear so...

I sent this, and got approved. And here are some photos of different drawing stages.

I first print the rough sketch in actual size for final in tile (I use indesign!) and trace it on watercolor paper using light box.

After I trace it, I start drawing details with pencil. By the way, those are my feet. Thank you.

And then I apply ink with brushes with several sizes. 

I usually use only dried ink techniques, but this time, I tried with washed ink technique on his shirts and few things.

And this is the final!!! HA!

I think you can still check the magazine here.

Thank you so much and I will try to post something more soon!!

(Special Thanks to Joel!)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Illustration for MLS

Hello! It was pretty busy for last few weeks. I want to share one of project I finished! So in mid of March, Daniel Nyari, who is a great illustrator and a brilliant art director for Futbol Artists Network(FAN) sent me an email to do an illustration for MLS Insider which would be aired in April. The topic was about Jason Kreis, NYCFC's coach moving to Manchester with Manchester City FC's support to study the culture and gain as much knowledge as possible for NYCFC in next season. Daniel wanted me to do like what I did for several football players. (symbols and surrealistically) So I started sketching and I got...

This is what I sent to Daniel. The sailor ships represent his journey to the city and also Manchester City FC has a ship on their crest, so I thought it would be double metaphors. And the Aquila on the sky symbolize Manchester City. Daniel immediately replied me back with very positive feedback, but the color to be NYCFC's team color.

So I changed the color and started working on final.

After I finished it, I sent it to Daniel, and there was few things to revise. (change the eagle to NYCFC's logo, and put a silhouette of Manchester City's Crest.) I can't show the final version before the revision, but I will when I have a chance to.

So this is the final with revision. It has been aired through Kick TV and you can check this.....


Thank you Daniel for great art direction!! Such a wonderful direction!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Illustration for Pickles Magazine

Hello all! It is been a long time!!!

On February, I got an email from Ned, Director of Pickles Magazine in London to do an illustration for next issue. They sent me an article and at that time, the title was not decided. But it was about how soccer players are doing their job with no passion and just working as a job. (Like a boring office job that you don't care of.) After I finished reading the article, I was so excited to illustrate.  He threw me some ideas and I started sketching from them. 

These are the two sketches I sent to Ned. I quiet liked the first sketch, because it has a lot of things going on and more people. But relating to context of the article, second one would fit more than first sketch, so we both agree on second sketch. 

This was the final drawing. I liked the patterns. :D


And today, I just got the copy of the magazine, and found out that the title was "For the Love of the Game" I think it perfectly fits with the article. GREAT TITLE!

Thank you Ned for great art direction!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

illustration for Hemispheres Magazine

It 's been a long time! Last month, I sent my promotional cards to numerous art directors and a day after, I got contact from Hemispheres Magazine. They asked me to do an illustration for an article in December Issue, about how tennis ranking is running in weird number system. The article has really interesting facts that can shock many people. The art director wanted me to draw Nadal and Djokovic playing a game in tennis court with some concept. I started sketching, and I got....

The art director liked the third composition, but wanted to have different concept. So I did...

The balls represent the numbers in ranking system.

I got approved with this one, so I started working on final. 

This is the final, and the link to the article is here.

Thank you Claire for the great art direction!